August 2017
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                  Gosford Rotary has been around for more than 70 years so as you might imagine, we've done a thing or two.
        If you might be interested in numerous youth sponsorship programs
           building a park at Pt Frederick
         running a science  and engineering educational challenge for 500 of the coast's best students
         building a sanitary block in a shanty town in Johannesburg
        raising and donating $25000 to victims of domestic violence
             building a hospital at Kokoda
              pretty much anything which would benefit our local or the international community, then we would like to get to know YOU.
            On August 31 members will speak briefly about the above projects.    Its an information night--no obligation, just find out what we have achieved and think about what you might be able to do if you were a rotarian.
                  Phone Jim on 0414 777 748 or contact this web site to register your interest.
              Ron Thompson provides some interesting insights into infrastucture in the 1990's.     Roads, bridges, freeways and major public structures don't just happen.
Most of us have no idea how much planning goes into these big projects and we are fortunate to have Ron help us piece these steps in infrastructure together.
                    No need to wonder about the planning for the Sydney Harbour Tunnel......we can just ask Ron.
Visitors welcome as always.....let us know for catering purposes.
Steve Woods lived in Zimbabwe throughout the 90's, a time of great change and difficulty in an African nation.
             A world far removed from the relative stability we enjoy has produced people of great resilience, courage and determination and in many ways Australia has been the beneficiary of political turbulence in a country far removed from our own.
           Steve's insights and recollections are sure to be educational and interesting.
                      He is not to be missed!
We all know about Meals on Wheels and what a good thing it is, but how many of us know how it works.
       You can't have such a massive organisation without a lot of infrastructure and management.
Come along and hear from Gail Ransley all about the size and methods of one of Australia's best service groups.
              Calling all women who want to be part of one of the largest voluntary service clubs in the world.
Exclusively for women, the Inner Wheel supports local, national and international causes and has fun while doing so.
              If you would like to know more, you're invited to a no-obligation morning tea at The Entrance.
                         Cost; no cost
                         Venue; Diggers at the Entrance
                         Date ; Wednesday August 23, 2017
                         Time; 1030
              RSVP by Aug16
Mike will speak on the USS Enterprise, one of the most formidable military weapons of the 20th century.
Jayne Mote is the Assistant Governor for our district.       Jayne will speak on activities within our district with which we might engage and also offer advice on the latest rotary requirements.       She is an active member of Woy Woy rotary, she joined in the Science and Engineering Challenge on both days and has already kicked a BIG goal for Interact.
         It is certain to be an interesting night and may open new doors of interest and service to our club.
Stories abound in Australia about CTP scams, but are they really the truth?           Is it really happening or is it fake news?
          David Zammut actually knows and is going to reveal all.
    Come along and find out.    Visitors welcome just let us know for catering purposes.
President Dennis stands down and President Jim stands up.     Some new faces, some old, should be another good year for Gosford Rotary
        Barry Henwood winds the clock back and recalls a very big night out on the Boeing 747.
Most of the time things run smoothly for major airlines.     Sometimes small things go wrong.
         And then sometimes a lot of big things go wrong and then you end up with a big night out on a747.
         Come along and hear about one such night.         Visitors welcome as always.
         Brett Torey will discuss trachoma, an eye disease that can lead to blindness.       Australia has the unwanted distinction of being the only developed first world country where this disease is still in existance.       This has not escaped incoming International Rotary President Ian Risely and if Rotary's success in dealing with polio is any example then now is the time to focus on this lingering blight.       Incoming IRP Ian has made trachoma a primary objective for his year so a lot of rotary firepower will soon be brought to bear and we wait with great interest to hear rotarian Brett tell us about the disease and what we are going to do about getting rid of it.
        Come along and get on board with a very topical subject.     Visitors always welcome, just let us know for catering purposes.
            We live in a country with amazing climatic variation.     Our climate encompasses tropical cyclones in the North to snowy Antarctic blasts in the South.       It can be affected by ocean currents which produce droughts but others which produce flooding rains and through it all we expect our meteorologists to accurately predict what to expect.
          Our guest speaker on MAY 18 , Dick Whitaker, has spent a lifetime at the pointy end of that expectation.           Dick's career has taken him from senior positions in our Bureau of Meteorology to the very public role of TV weatherman on Skynews and its fair to say his lifetime of experience in predicting our weather would make him second to only a very few......if any at all.
             On the other hand a very experienced meteorologist once told your author "you can be right 99 times in a row but on the single occasion you are wrong........everyone tells you about it".
          You may be interested in the science of meteorology, the history of climatic events or Dick's opinions on climate change.    Whatever your interest Dick Whitaker is certain to be a wonderful speaker on May 18.
Visitors very welcome, just let us know for catering purposes.
Brett Torey has a long and distinguished military history which is particularly relevant to today's current events.      There can be few people in our local area with a better understanding of our most important strategic alliance.
       Whilst Brett will speak on battleships and today aircraft carriers have assumed the primary role in modern navies, the importance of of both extending navel power and at the same time defending a major asset largely remains the same.      
       Come along and hear an insiders view on how yesterdays great  ships were  a great advantage but also a major liability and how it remains relevant to the events unfolding right now.
As always, visitors welcome, just let us know for dinner arrangements.
The Science and Engineering Challenge is a major success story in what has become a depressing history of STEM participation in Australia.
      For a very long time now enrolments in engineering at the University of Newcastle had been falling and in the year 2000 the Engineering faculty decided to do something about it.     In combination with the Rotary Club of Gosford put on the very first Science and Engineering Challenge and it has grown every year since then.
      Now it is an event with participation from every rotary club on the Central Coast, all 14 of us.    Rotary clubs provide the bulk of the finance, nearly all the volunteers, while the Uof N do the hard yards of inventing the challenges, supplying the materials and providing a core group of well qualified professional educators.
     Almost 480 of the best year 9 and 10 students will thoroughly enjoy the event again this year with the winning school going on to a state final and eventually a national final.
Dr Chris Hendry will speak to Gosford Rotary on April 27 to update us on what is now a 17 year success story of encouraging participation in Science, Technology,Engineering and Maths....a rare event in Australia.
       Feel free to come along and challenge yourself, and hear Chris' update on rates of participation in STEM subjects.           Contact us for dinner arrangements.
      There seems no limit to the detailed knowledge of our own member, Jim Katrikilis, when it comes to military history.      He has spoken at length on many areas of strategic and political interest in WW1 and on April 20 he is going to describe the defining role the use of aircraft carriers had in WW2.
        Of course this was the first major conflict in which they were so decisive so come along and hear PP PHF and now PE Jim tell us how they were so influential.
        Visitors welcome, as always.
Dr Vanessa has been a registered and practicing chiropractor for 18 years and in that time has learnt a thing or two.                You may think chiropractors are good for straightening skeletins and that is pretty much the sum of it...........but you would be wrong.
Vanessa has quite a story to tell about her experience in treating the body as a whole, not just a symptom, and in the process getting the most out of the our bodies.    She can't actually reverse the aging process...or can she!         Come along and find out.
         As always, visitors welcome, just let us know you are coming.
         Gosford Rotary comes together for dinner then proceeds to the Laycock Street Theatre for the Gosford Musical Society's production of EVITA.            The Gosford Musical Society is the premiere musical society in the entire nation and we have been privelidged to enjoy a long association with their continuous ascent.           Another great night out for Gosford Rotary.
            Your average tourist may have taken a cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam  without consideration of the great river disconnect that entails.          But Gosford Rotary's Don Wiseman was not so easily diverted and he will reveil what his studies have shown.     The connection of the Danube and the Rhine Rivers is a great engineering achievement and one that carries a long and interesting history.    
        Come along and hear what Don has discovered when he and Nanette took the waters.
                     We hear a great deal about the shortcomings of health care in this country but things are very different in our near neighbour, East Timor.       At its most basic, healthcare must surely begin with childbirth.     Young mums in Australia can expect the services of fully trained  Doctors ,hospitals and midwives but it isn't the same for young East Timorese at their most vulnerable time.
             Come along and hear how volunteers from Erina Rotary set about changing things for the better.      Visitors always welcome.
In Australia costs of supporting the homeless are considerable, yet the risks of being homeless are not nearly as great as being homeless in Thailand.        Sharon Green and Dominique Brown from ADFA, the Adventist Development and Relief Agency, are going to speak about how the risk/cost balance is completely reversed in Thailand.
                Girls at great risk and others who are already victims of abuse need to be, and can be given shelter and food for as little as $200 pa.
Visitors are welcome to come along on Feb 2 and hear how a group of volunteers have achieved this remarkable result.
Australia Day this year falls on a Thursday so there will be no evening meeting.     Gosford Rotary doesn't meet on public holidays in the normal course of events but many members will be joining the Somersby CWA for brunch, from 0930.
Our long association with the CWA has its culinary benefits and this will be no exception.
All members and guests are welcome to celebrate Australia Day with a morning of good food and fun.      RSVP Jan 20 and remember.....guests really are welcome both at the CWA and Gosford Rotary.
                          For many children in Tanzania a primary school education in a state run school would be more than they could expect.          But that is not the case for Brenda Mushi.
Brenda is a pretty smart young lady---smart enough to be accepted into Tanzania's School of St Jude and so to receive a standard of education which will equip her to play a leading role in Tanzania's future.      Established 12 years ago the School of St Jude has grown from a few to an enrolment of 1800, with many of those in full boarding accommodation.       The School of St Jude does not receive government funding and a high proportion of its students are funded through Rotary Clubs or ancillary bodies.
                       Brenda's education fees are met by this club, The Rotary Club of Gosford.        We pay for her education fees, uniforms, full board and equipment costs and so we are absolutely thrilled that she has graduated from primary school with an average A pass in all subjects, particularly mathematics.
                        It doesn't end here though as Gosford Rotary is absolutely committed to funding her 6 years of secondary education and we can hardly wait to see where it leads her.
            Well done Brenda!
It was a foot tapping performance from Aubrey and Martin that set the tone  as Gosford Rotary enjoyed a great Christmas Party at the East Gosford Art Centre.         Despite the ongoing inability of the MC to consistently remember names in pairs, Aubrey and Martin ignored wild references to Torvill and Dean, Laubman and Pank or Black and Decker and showed how 40 years in entertainment have made them so successful.               
                   After dinner we were treated to some great music in their well honed country+rhythym-blues style before a stumbling entrance from Father Christmas.    It seemed the North Pole facility had been taken over by an administrator, a low cost model sleigh operation had resulted in a pretty rough ride for our venerable good cheer guy.      A shocked rotary club tried its best to avoid looking at his outfit, which revealed more than we wanted to know about the low cost model.
             Once again Aubrey and Martin were able to save the day with a round of Christmas Carols with unprecedented audience participation.        This was a night to remember with over 50 attendees including a very welcome small group from the Somersby CWA, with which we share a common bond of projects, events and tradition.
On December 15 Gosford Rotary President 2016-17 Dennis Allen will reveal his amazing account of how he was able to simultaneously enjoy an extended driving holiday to Western Australia's Indian Ocean coast and also manage his Presidential duties in Gosford, on the Pacific Coast.
          His close relative, the famous singer, Peter Allen, wrote a smash hit song called Bi-Coastal (although it referenced his life in New York and Los Angeles)  and it seems the idea took root in their close knit family.   
President Dennis will not be singing, there will be no marraccas, instead it will be a slide show of his trip.
         This evening should be compulsory attendance for all Presidents and President Elects as Dennis reveals his extraordinary powers of delegation.
Gosford Rotary has long enjoyed a close association with the Gosford Musical Society.
         On Nov17 Daryl Davis visits Gosford Rotary to talk about how GMS started as a small but enthusiastic group and now, through the construction of the wonderful Laycock Street Theatre, has risen to become Australia's premiere regional musical and theatrical  group.         
        Come along to hear how it can so regularly produce musicals which would challenge those in major cities.
Gosford Rotary is the oldest Rotary Club on the Central Coast of NSW and for around 70 years, the club has served the region, and contributed to local organisations
‚ÄčIt has instigated projects such as Pioneer Park at Point Frederick, Bradys Gully Park at North Gosford and the memorial steps and fountain near the Gosford waterfront. It also built and subsequently refurbished Rotary Lodge at Gosford Hospital.
The Rotary Club of Gosford meets every Thursday at 6.15pm at the Gosford Golf Club. If you'd like to attend, please contact us.  You will be most welcome.
Postal Address PO Box472,Gosford,2250,NSW,Australia
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