This Rotary year is just steaming along with projects and much to do, so little time.
Coming up on the end of April is our on-line Razzamatazz concert for people who might not usually go to a fun show as good as this.          Thanks to our legion of sponsors who every year pick up the bill and make it possible.        The great news going forward is with Covid on the run we expect to return to a real live show some time around September.       Watch this space for an update.
         The proceeds from last year's show were spent wisely when we purchased a new car for Coast Shelter. This car will be used solely for the purpose of assisting young people to gain a drivers licence.  At last count more than 20 young people have progressed to their P plates and with transport several have been able to find employment and a home.
         Bob Thomas, Past President said "Gosford Rotary understands that everyone on the Central Coast needs a licence. Young people need a licence for employment, education and freedom. Having a licence can change your life"  And for a growing number of young people it has, thanks to those generous supporters.