Gosford Rotary has some incredible guest speakers coming up.
        This week, Sept 10,  Poppy Project veteran Merril Jackson reveals her plans for another display based around the Centenary of the Celtic Cross, in the grounds of the Church of England, Gosford.      Merril has driven so many community unifying projects and we are pleased to hear about and help out with yet another.
         Next week, on Sept 17,  Brett Torey reviews "The Pueblo Incident".        Given the level of risk when the North Koreans boarded the USS Pueblo in disputed waters it is an incident little known in this country.    Maybe the politico/military strategists wanted in that way.        Few people are better qualified to review that insider knowledge than Brett.
        How many people do you know who have Chinese friends and who have visited those friends in China and been visited here.     Max Prince has and on Sept 24 he is going to tell us all about it.      Come along and rub shoulders with ASIO operatives and other interested parties.
       The line up doesn't end there because on Oct 1, Brett Torey returns and this time reviews "The Cuban Missile Crisis"........13 days in 1963 that brought the world to the edge of nuclear war, at the very apex of the cold war.      A former military attache in our embassy in Washington Brett has a real depth of understanding about how these things are managed.
       If you would like to come along and hear any of these speakers visitors are always welcome, just email this web site so we can attend to catering.     Gosford Golf Club takes Covid restrictions seriously and we do observe social distancing.