It was a foot tapping performance from Aubrey and Martin that set the tone  as Gosford Rotary enjoyed a great Christmas Party at the East Gosford Art Centre.         Despite the ongoing inability of the MC to consistently remember names in pairs, Aubrey and Martin ignored wild references to Torvill and Dean, Laubman and Pank or Black and Decker and showed how 40 years in entertainment have made them so successful.               
                   After dinner we were treated to some great music in their well honed country+rhythym-blues style before a stumbling entrance from Father Christmas.    It seemed the North Pole facility had been taken over by an administrator, a low cost model sleigh operation had resulted in a pretty rough ride for our venerable good cheer guy.      A shocked rotary club tried its best to avoid looking at his outfit, which revealed more than we wanted to know about the low cost model.
             Once again Aubrey and Martin were able to save the day with a round of Christmas Carols with unprecedented audience participation.        This was a night to remember with over 50 attendees including a very welcome small group from the Somersby CWA, with which we share a common bond of projects, events and tradition.