We live in a country with amazing climatic variation.     Our climate encompasses tropical cyclones in the North to snowy Antarctic blasts in the South.       It can be affected by ocean currents which produce droughts but others which produce flooding rains and through it all we expect our meteorologists to accurately predict what to expect.
          Our guest speaker on MAY 18 , Dick Whitaker, has spent a lifetime at the pointy end of that expectation.           Dick's career has taken him from senior positions in our Bureau of Meteorology to the very public role of TV weatherman on Skynews and its fair to say his lifetime of experience in predicting our weather would make him second to only a very few......if any at all.
             On the other hand a very experienced meteorologist once told your author "you can be right 99 times in a row but on the single occasion you are wrong........everyone tells you about it".
          You may be interested in the science of meteorology, the history of climatic events or Dick's opinions on climate change.    Whatever your interest Dick Whitaker is certain to be a wonderful speaker on May 18.
Visitors very welcome, just let us know for catering purposes.