On April 17 Gosford Rotary will host its 19th consecutive Razzamatazz fundraiser.                 Last year an estimated 1000 young persons, many of whom came from families doing it tough, attended one of three variety shows.             Without exception they all really enjoyed a mixture of fun, magicians tricks and great audience participation.            We see no reason why they will not enjoy this years show just as much.
                              Gosford Rotary would like to take this opportunity to thank those many Central Coast businesses and individuals whose sponsorship makes this possible.
            The many beneficiaries of this fundraising in the past include Lifeline, Coast Shelter, the Shirley Shuttle and victims of domestic violence.
                              This year, in an exciting initiative, we are going to devote the majority of funds raised to breaking the cycle of  troubled young people making bad choices leading to a poor outcome.          We intend to donate a car in a highly regulated environment administered by Coast Shelter with the aim of providing those same young people with disciplined driver training.            It's not inexpensive to gain a driver's licence these days and for most of these young persons it would be unobtainable.             Without a driver's licence many employment opportunities do not exist and every day we see unlicenced or poorly trained drivers causing accidents.
                               We intend to start breaking that cycle!               If just one life is turned around it will be a great result.