Razzamatazz has surpassed all records with a monumental support base of local businesses breaking all records.
         Over the last 24 years this event has raised more than a half million dollars for local charities and while we hear times are tough, it hasn't stopped our local supporters from digging deep.              It isn't just the tremendous fun and enjoyment more than a thousand local kids and families, mostly ones doing it a bit tough, get out of a show they wouldn't normally get the chance to see, but at the same time significant funds are raised to make our community a better, safer place.
         This year Gosford Rotary has already furnished the Mens Shelter, the only one north of Sydney till you get to Queensland.       Managed by Coast Shelter we paid forward the furniture with Razz funds.
     But wait, there is more.......there are 3 Central Coast Womens Health Centres, one in Wyoming, one in Wyong and one at Woy Woy but only one defibrillator at their main base.
Gosford Rotary is going to correct that and the Wyong and Woy Woy facilities will shortly be similarly equipped.
   But wait......there is still more.           You might think Girl Guides are most unlikely to need a defibrillator but what about groups that hire their hall ?       Gosford Rotary is going to install yet another in the Point Clare Girl Guides hall.
At some $2500 per defibrillator you might think we are done but you have reckoned without our FABULOUS SUPPORTER BASE because we still have funds for 2 more.
    What a result..........on April 17 more than a 1000 kids saw 1 of 3  a great shows, we furnish a Mens Shelter and provide 5 quality defibrillators.            Gosford Rotary thanks all our supporters ,big and small, and we hope you know how much it is appreciated.