Like all of life's experiences the more you see of them the more you know about them.
          There can be very few persons on the Central Coast with more experience in the field of estate planning, organising enduring guardianship and things of that nature than Stuart Tipple.
           For more than 40 years Stuart has been advising coasties how best to prepare their affairs for the future.            Its not too much of a stretch to say if Stuart doesn't know the best plan for you, no one does.
           A long time Central Coast resident Stuart has long been prominent in community events and has a well deserved reputation for the utmost integrity.........not something easily earned in today's rapidly changing world.
          Its certain Stuart will keep us well entertained with a few selected stories from his illustrious career.......will they be good....will they be bad?
          Come along and hear for yourself........all welcome, just contact us for catering arrangements.