Vincent is a remarkably happy little fellow but his start in life has been difficult to say the least.          Born in May, 2019 his stomach was initially outside his body and so was blocked from his oesophagus.....without medical assistance the future was bleak indeed.   In July 2019 his case was adopted by ROMAC....Rotary Oceanic Medical Aid for Children....and so began a long and bumpy road to recovery
A long flight from hot Honiara, via Brisbane, saw Vincent and his Mum Cosinta arrive in a chilly Canberra, with rotarians assisting through port transfers, providing cold weather clothing and a neonatal ambulance to the Canberra Hospital.
Seven moths later, ater untold medical procedures with assistance donated from surgeons, Ronald McDonald House, Canberra Hospital and untold personal commitment from Canberra based rotarians, Vincent is finally able to take begin the new experience of learning to eat.
Its an amazing story and Gosford Rotary is proud to have lent financial assistance to ROMAC.
Watch this space for updates to Vincent's progress.
UPDATE  April 10, 2020
All good news for Vincent--in the last 3 months Vincent has had a number of operations but all of a minor nature.             After the BIG one and a path was connected from his mouth to his tummy (now within his body) the great danger was his oesophagus might close over, blocking that vital path.           Each operation , called a dilatation test, has been successful.            Vincent just turned 11 months, weighs 7.3 kg and has started crawling and can stand.          In the midst of a global pandemic this is one story about which everyone can feel good.
Please see our photo albums to see Vincent
Another UPDATE April 27, 2020
Vincent's last dilatation examination, to check his little red lane remains clear, was all good.            He has his next dilatation on April 30, and he turns 1 whole year old on May 3..           He continues to put on weight and while eating foods with any bulk remains a problem, he is now not dependant on the drip feed tube to his tummy.                  We wish him well on April 30 and hope he can blow out his candle on May 3.            See our photo album for his latest picture, complete with his new teeth.
Yet another UPDATE May 18, 2020
          All good progress for Vincent.........and now he is a happy 1 year old.         See pictures in the photo album
         After his final successful medical procedure it was confirmed the Vincent's digestive tract was sufficiently robust to allow him to return to the Solomon Is.            It took a few weeks to coordinate flights....a difficult thing to do with National Covid protocols and reduced flight schedules..........but finally Vincent and his Mum Cosinta have returned home........after 15 months in Canberra.         All costs throughout have been met by home hosting rotarians and the medical fraternity at Canberra's hospital.
         It's a truly fantastic achievment and Gosford Rotary is proud to have played our small part.
To see pictures of the happy little bloke go to our photo album.