Most charities start with a wish to improve the lives of others.                 That's true of the Smith Family and it's certainly one of our objectives at Gosford Rotary.            Where the Smith Family is a little different is that it tries to improve the lives of children before they have taken a turn for the worse.            Their thinking is that if a child is happy going to school then the child will be a better student and end up with a better outcome.       It's called "Learning for Life".
       A better outcome from school means a better chance of a successful working sounds simple doesn't it but when you are a little tacker from an under priveliged backround you are going to be sensitive about what you haven't got.
              Just a little sponsorship provides help with uniforms, excursions and school equipment and so many other things that encourage those same little tackers to feel part of the education system, not someone always on the outer.             
   Gosford Rotary absolutely agrees with this early intervention philosophy and that's why we donated $10,000 to the Smith Family.             The Smith Family supports more than 1000 students from 23 different schools on the Central Coast alone and we are proud to contribute to such a good cause.            " Learning for Life" is a program name that says it all.
      Again we thank the generous sponsors of our RAZZAMATAZZ event.        The good thing you did goes on !